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Wildlife Research

HCO Support Wildlife Research

HCO is dedicated to helping wildlife research professionals with their study use. We work closely with scouting camera users to come up with comprehensive solutions to help them collect data.

At HCO Outdoors, we pride ourselves in providing innovative technology solutions. With over 8 years in the manufacturing and distribution of scouting cameras targeting both consumer and commercial markets, including government and law enforcement, our expertise and reputation speaks for itself. We look forward to working with you in all our capacities to provide not only cameras but a technology solution that is tailored to your needs. HCO has the unique advantage in that can provide tried and tested leading edge technology combined with software solutions. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution and become a technology partner to your project. We will provide a solution and listen to your needs rather than supply a canned solution like some of the larger manufacturers. If you are a wildlife professional and would like to talk to us about your scouting camera needs, please feel free to contact us at wildlife AT hcooutdoors.com. We would love to talk to you.

If you would like to try some of our products out, please participate our Evaluation Equipment Loan Program. All you need to do is fill out this form and send back to us. We will contact you and work the details out with you.

Evaluation Equipment Loan Application Form


Male Amur Tiger BBC Discovery Operation Snow Tiger Project (VH200HD)