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Camera, Wireless, MB600, 3G, Blackout Flash

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Camera, Wireless, MB600, 3G, Blackout Flash

Quick Overview

Wireless Technology
Camera sends photos via 3G cellular network. It requires SIM card with MMS text message plan or data plan from your wireless carrier. The camera will save the large resolution photos on the SD card and sends a downsized photo to your cell phone or email.
Blackout Flash
“NO GLOW” Blackout Flash IR technology to provide the ultimate in stealth surveillance and minimize camera detection from animals and humans. This technology is especially useful in security surveillance.
Time Lapse
Camera takes photo or video at a preset time interval regardless of movement. Programmable Time-Lapse modes assist in monitoring large geographical areas beyond the normal sensing range. Time-Lapse mode runs in both day and night and is completely programmable. Cameras also capture motion instantly while in time-lapse mode.
Live Preview
Live Preview Mode allows the user to see in Real-Time the camera field of view to ensure the correct placement every time. Live Preview works in both day and night scenarios.
Dead Silent IR Filter
We developed a proprietary method to capture Dead Silent pictures and video in day and night. Unlike most other cameras where the IR filter moves with every image in the night, the IR filter moves once in the morning and once at night with the light change.
Extreme PIR
UWAY cameras use multi-zone PIR (passive infra-red) motion sensors to provide several zones of detection. This maximizes the reliability of the sensor and improves overall motion detection.
Dynamic Light Metering
Camera has high quality light metering sensors with a sophisticated light metering algorithm to provide the highest quality image in all lighting scenarios.
High Definition (HD) Video
Other than the 8MP high quality image, the MB600 also produces 1280*720 wilds screen high definition video.
Remote programming via text messaging
You can send SMS text message to MB600 to change the setting or acquire real-time picture.

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Media Retrival:

SD Card / 3G Cellular Wireless

Supported Network:

MB600A:Dual-Band UMTS/HSPA+ 850/1900MHz / Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHzMB600E:Dual-Band UMTS/HSPA+ 900/2100MHz / Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHzMB600J:Dual-Band UMTS/HSPA+ 800(850)/2100MHz / Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz

SMS Control:

Real Time or Fixed Time (Daily)

Night Vision Flash:

NO GLOW Invisible Black IR

Trigger Speed:


Max Resolution:

8MP(Photo)/HD 1280x720(Video)

Video Length:

Up to 60 Seconds

Trigger Method:

Motion/Time Lapse


True Color TFT 

Photo/Video Playback:


Live Preview:


Photo Stamp:


Power Supply:

AA (12)/DC Port

SD Card Capacity:

32 GB

Audio Record:




Light Metering:


Support XtendIR:


Password Protection:



SMS Commands:

  Text Message Command Protocol Example
Send Mode
Instant #SMINNN# #SMI050#
Daily Report  #SMDHHMM# #SMD1930#
Change Remote Control Mode
Disable  #RTOFF#  #RTOFF# 
24 Hour  #RT24#   #RT24#
Once  #RT1HHMM#  #RT11130#
Change Time Lapse Setting 
 Disable  #TLD#  #TLD#
 Change interval time  #TLNNNM#  #TLN60M#
 Reset time lapse setting   #TLSHHMMEHHMMINNN#  #TLS0530E2130I120#
Featured command 
 Snapshot  #SNAP#  #SNAP#
Change Sending Photo Resolution
To normal #PQN# #PQN#
To high #PQH# #PQH#

Additional Information

Is Discontinued No
Video No

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Product Questions

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