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Verizon Data Service

Please visit our new data service activation portal at www.spartancamera.comIf you already have an account on spartancamera.com, please login and click Shop > Buy Verizon Service to purchase your data plan. If you don't have an account on spartancamera.com, please register an account first in order to purchase the data plan.

From there, you can:

- Activate/deactivate your data service in minutes
- Manage your data service plans
- Manage automatic payment options
- Check data/SMS usage
... and a lot more!

After you purchase the Verizon data service, please follow the quick start guide below to set up your camera. Keep in mind the Spartan GoCam offers multiple delivery options. You can check out HCO Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/hcooutdoors to view more setup instructions.

Spartan Camera (Verizon) Quick Start - What to do After Activation

Part 1: Data Connection

I. Switch camera on SETUP, it will start Searching network…

Then Verizon will show up on center top of the screen.

Signal bars are displayed on the top right corner.

II. Go to Menu > Wireless > Diagnostic > press OK on Activate/Data Reboot

A pop up box will show


Dial *22899 (Please wait).

Shortly, you’ll get a message that says:


Restarting. Please wait.

(If the Dial *22899 window just disappear, restart the camera manually.)

After camera restart, go to Part 2: Setup

Part 2: Setup

After the camera finds the network, go to Menu > Wireless >Send Via

Option I. Set Send Via to GoWireless Auto.

Scroll down to Recipients, press OK.
In Email press OK on any entry box.
Use the Keypad* to input your email.

Option II. Set Send Via to GoWireless Premium

Scroll down to Register Camera, press OK

A pop up box will show.

Camera registering…


Module ID/ MEID: Axxxxxxxxxxxxx

Registration Code: xxxxx

Write down the Registration Code. The MEID should be the same one that’s on the camera body.

For rest of the setup process, please watch our instruction video from this playlist on YouTube http://tinyurl.com/hyffgg5or go to https://www.spartancamera.com/troubleshooting#_configprem

(* How to use the Keypad

- Press Del to delete.

- Press the same key multiple times to enter alternative letter in the same group.

*ex: key abc - press 3x times to enter C.

- Press Save to exit.

* GoWireless Lite is also an option which uses customer's own SMTP email server. It's not frequently used. For more information, please visit www.spartancamera.com. )

Part 3: Test Send

1. Switch the camera to SETUP, wait till you see Verizon show up in the middle, and signal bars on the top right corner.
2. Press OK to take a photo.
3. The camera will ask you

Send this photo?

1. Press OK to select yes to send.
2. The camera will show:




Check your email, phone, web account or mobile app for the picture.

For more videos and demonstration, visit our website: www.SpartanCamera.com & www.HcoOutdoors.com. Call 404-606-6878 for immediate assistance if needed.