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GoWireless provides a comprehensive set of tools for the camera owner.  These include:

●    Register new cameras, Unregister cameras
●    Camera Management
   ○   View current camera status, including
       ●    Battery Level
       ●    Voltage
       ●    SD Card Space
       ●    Temperature
       ●    Signal Strength
   ○   Review Actions and Command history
   ○   Review Activity Log
   ○   Send Real time commands to camera
       ●    Take a photo
       ●    Send a status report
       ●    Update to newer firmware
       ●    Request full size image from thumbnail
●    Synchronize Camera settings
   ○   Input and change any camera setting by camera
   ○   Request Camera to send settings to server
   ○   Request Camera to update settings from server
●    Manage Delivery Options
   ○   Owners can decide if the server should email each photo and to whom
   ○   Maintain separate email contacts for Status reports from camera
   ○   Owners can easily manage a list of email contacts and optionally assign them to cameras
●    Manage/View Photo uploads
   ○   HCO Wireless cameras will upload thumbnails to the owners account sorted by camera by date taken
   ○   Account owners can view and download the thumbnails
   ○   Owners can send a request to the camera to upload a full size version of the current thumbnail to the server
●    Manage Mobile Access
   ○   Account owners will manage Administrative and Guest Passcodes per camera to provide access to others using the GoWireless Mobile applications.
   ○   Account owners are in control of who can access each camera
●    Mobile Application Support
   ○   Applications for Apple IOS and ANDROID 
   ○   Apps provide access to download photos and receive real time notifications of activity (Guest Access)
   ○   Gallery style viewing of all downloaded photos sorted by camera by date taken with filter and export options
   ○   Apps provide management functions and access to real time command control over cameras (Admin Access)
●    Automated Camera Firmware Delivery
   ○   Owners are notified as new firmware versions become available to specific models
   ○   Owners can schedule automated/real time firmware updates to cameras
Owners can roll back to earlier versions of firmware
   ○   Firmware Release notes made available and new features list