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  1. Flask, 8oz, Stainless Steel, w/ Leather Wrap

    8oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask with Leather Wrap
  2. Tape Measure, 3M/10FT, 1/4 inch Flexible Steel, Retractable

    • ♦ 1/4 inch/6mm Blade
    • ♦ Carabiner -Style
    • ♦ Retractable
    • ♦ Flexible Steel Tape
    • ♦ The ideal tape measure for measuring a deer
  3. Mug, Double Wall, Stainless Steel, w/ Lid and Handle

    Double wall stainless steel with lid and handle travel mug
  4. Pen, Ball Point, w/Touch Screen Stylus

    Premium, well balanced Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus and Ball Point Pen for taking notes in digital or paper tablets.

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4 Item(s)