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Camera Accessories

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  1. Camera Antenna Cable, 25-ft

    25-ft N-male to SMA female antenna cable
  2. Camera Power Cable, for UM535/UV535/UM562/UV562

    • ♦ The plug will fit on HCO Panda / Panda GSM / UM562 / UV562 models
    • 78 inches long
    • 18AWG
    • Color marked positive and negative terminals
  3. Camera Power Adapter, for UM535/UV535/UM562/UV562

    • 6V (1000 mAh, 110-220V) external AC adapter
    • For Panda, Panda GSM, UM562, UV562
    • The plug type is for US and Canada.
  4. Battery Box

    Spartan 6V output solar compatible battery box with the built-in solar controller. Works with both 6V or 12V SLA batteries.
  5. Direct Camera EZAim Mounting Arm

    This screw-in style articulating arm mount provides the ultimate is mounting adjustability. The ball socket camera mount rotates 360 degrees and tilts as much as 45 degrees up and down for precise positioning. This allows for the mounting of the Spartan Camera high on the tree and points it down minimizing sun problems. A high mount also keeps it out of the sight line of both people and animals for added security. The mount is constructed of die cast aluminum for the arm with a steel mounting auger.
  6. Spartan Stealth Camera Mount

    Ideal for the trend to cameras becoming smaller, the Stealth is only 3 ¾” long with a weight of 4 ounces.  The thread length is 2 ¼” so you can have your camera right up against the tree for maximum concealment.
  7. Spartan camera direct mount enhanced antenna

    • ♦ Direct replacement of the stock antenna
    • ♦ Help camera saving power by increasing the sending speed
    • ♦ Real world improvement: .5-1 bar of signal
    • ♦ Actual signal improvement:  1-3 dBm
  8. Spare Cable, for Camera Solar Charger

    • ♦ Replacement cable for HCO 1700mAh solar power supply
    • ♦ USB end connects to the solar panel for power input
    • ♦ Proper power plug for different HCO scouting cameras for power input
  9. Camera Security Box, for SG580MB

    Work with HCO SG580MB scouting camera. Lockable with MasterLock Python Lock and Padlock.

  10. Camera Security Box, for Spartan

    • ♦ Work with SR1-IR, SR1-BK, SR1-2Gi, SR1-2Gb, SR1-WCDi, SR1-WCDb, SR1-C2Ki, SR1-C2Kb, GC-ATTi, GC-ATTb, GC-VZWi, GC-VZWb
    • All steel construction and professionally powder coated
    • Lockable with Master PadLock for added security.
    • All enclosures are lockable and cover the entire camera for added security
    • Cutouts or antenna, power port
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Items 11 to 20 of 46 total

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