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Knowledge Base

What's the difference between using GoWireless Auto, GoWireless Lite and GoWireless Premium to send photos?

The new Spartan GoCam cellular wireless cameras offers more flexiable ways to deliver the photos when the customers choose to use Data Plan instead of MMS Plan. Three Send Via options are available: GoWireless Auto, GoWireless Lite and GoWireless Premium.

GoWireless Auto is the simplest, zero configuration method to deliver the images. But it has the highest possibility to be considered as spam from your email receiving server. 

GoWireless Lite allow you to use your own email service to send pictures. For example, if you have a Gmail account, you can set the camera up to send pictures by using your Gmail account. We've programmed  several popular email provider server information into the camera so all you need to do is fill in your email address and password from the camera menu.

email server setup

GoWireless Premium is an alternative way to send the photos. Other than sending photos to your email address, the fully functional GoWireless Premium will offer more value added service like: store pictures on our server so you can view them on HCO web portal, change the camera settings from HCO web portal, work with GoWireless Premium mobile app, etc. GoWireless Premium will be a paid subscription.

Please check www.hcowireless.com for more details.