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Knowledge Base

What is Scheduled Events?

Schedule Events allows you to select an event type, day of week, and hour of day for up to 10 events. You can schedule the camera to send a status report, or take a photo, and in the future perform a firmware update. On the server any scheduled task or "action" is processed when the camera connects to the server either by having taken a photo (motion or time lapse), sent a status report, or a scheduled event.

It will send at least one status report daily. You can schedule, for example, a status report at 8AM and 4PM daily. You can have it take and send a photo at midnight and noon for example on Monday, Wed, Sat..., etc.

If you tell the camera to update its settings, it is scheduled on the server. If real time is ON the camera does it immediately, if not the next time it contacts the server which could be 10 seconds later or 10 hours it will update its settings. Those Scheduled Events on the camera keep the camera checking in so that if you schedule the camera to update its settings you don't have to wait very long when real time is off.

The system is designed so that real time control is virtually not needed. If you want the best battery life and can live with the camera checking in as many as 10 times a day to get you a status report, then you should be ok without real time.

There will be a "Send Photos (Y/N)" option. This does not turn on wireless but instead tells the camera, to stop sending photos to the server until its turned back on. The camera Scheduled Events continue to happen. so if you schedule the camera to send a status 4 times a day and you have scheduled a settings update to happen. Each time the camera connects to the server it can update its settings and in each case you would set send photos on or off.