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Knowledge Base

How to Setup and configure GoWireless Premium

Follow these steps to setup your GoWireless Premium:

1. Activate your camera with the appropriate carrier. (AT&T / Verizon)
2. Verify the camera is connected by using Diagnostics > Hello Test (in Wireless Menu)
3. Register for an account on the GoWireless Web Portal, visit www.spartancamera.com
4. Select MyCameras > Management, click the Add New Camera button
5. Then follow the instructions on this Video https://youtu.be/BGpNPT_xn_s )
                   - Turn on your camera and press Menu and select the Wireless Menu.
                  - Verify that Send Mode is Instant and the Send Via is GoWireless Premium. Press OK to save any changes.
                  - Go back to live preview to make sure there's a signal, then come back to Select Register Camera. Press OK. Wait.
                  - If successfull, the camera screen will show your Module ID (IMEI/MEID) and a Registration Code.
                  - Input both then Click on Add this Camera.
6. It will return you to the Management page after you clicked on Add this Camera.
7. Use the Diagnostics Menu on your camera and select Premium Test (described above) to check for connection.
8. Or Manually send a Test Picture in the Live Preview: Press Okay to take a Picture, then Okay again to select Yes to send.


Check list for Premium account (Some are Optional):

-  Select Region: Select My Account | Account Options. Select a Time Zone Region. Click GO.
-  Input Email Contacts: [optional] Add Email Contacts: Select My Account | Email Contacts. Input one or more email addresses and click Update.
-  Verify you have Credits: Select My Account | Credit History and verify that you have at least one credit. A brand new camera, once added will add a free credit to your account.
-  Set Delivery Options: [optional] Select My Cameras | Delivery Options and click one or more email address for each camera and click the Update button.
-  Arm your camera and provide some test motion (or place in time lapse mode)
-  View your uploaded photos: Select My Cameras | Manage Photos. Refresh the browser periodically or as you receive emails.
-  Request Status Report: While the camera is sending photos, request a status report. Select My Cameras | Management. Check the box next to one or more cameras and click the Apply button. Refresh the browser periodically and click Command History to view the status of the requested actions.
-  Change your Camera Settings: Send some updated settings to your camera. Select My Cameras | Camera Settings. Select the camera and change your settings. Click Update Camera Settings.

Important: Each night the oldest photos (31 days and older) will be automatically purged from the server.