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Knowledge Base

Spartan GoCam (AT&T) Camera Quick Start

Activate the SIM card:

1. Find the IMEI number on the camera or in the camera menu under SYS/ Infromation. Find the ICCID number on the SIM card.
Go to www.att.com/buyasession.

2. If you want to explore the rate plans, click on Compare Rate Plans > Tablets and Other Mobile Devices.

3. Two of the popular plans are $14.99/mon or $25.00/3-month.

4. From the main page, either Establish New Prepaid Account or log in to your existing AT&T account.

5. Proceed through the activation process. You will be given several opportunities to review and verify your information and choices before you actually pay for and activate your service. Note: The password must be 6 to 32 characters long with at least one number, one letter, and one special character (@#$%!^&).

With the power switch OFF, insert batteries into the battery compartment. Use12(recommended), 8, or 4(emergency, left 2 columns) batteries orconnect the camera to a 6V external battery designed for use with trail cameras. The following types of batteries can be used:

High-performance alkaline (1.5V/each) / Lithium (1.5V/each) / Rechargeable NiMH (1.2V/each)

Insert an unlocked SD card (up to 32G) into the SD card slot.Refer to the card symbol on the case for proper orientation.

Insert the SIM card into the SIM card slot. To insert the SIM card, slide it into place as shown in one of the following image. To remove the SIM card, using gentle pressure, slide it out.

gocam SD Card / SIM Card / Battery Compartment

With the rubber gasket between the base of the antenna and the antenna jack on the top of the camera, screw the antenna onto the antenna jack. Make sure it’s all the way in but be careful not to over-tighten it.

Slide the power switch to the SETUP position. The camera will enter Preview mode and start searching for the network.

Wait until the camera finds the network. Please perform this process every time you deploy the camera even you don't need to change any settings. This will ensure your camera is connected to the network when you leave it in the field. 

Press the Menu button to access the Setup menu. Navigate the menus using the following keys:

Press LEFT ƒor RIGHT„ to move among the tabs (submenus).
Press UP or ‚DOWN move among the submenu items.
—Press LEFT ƒor„ RIGHT to change the value for an item.
Press OK to save all changes you’ve made to in a particular tab.
Press Menu return to the main menu (tabs) or to exit Setup mode (back one level).

Use the arrow buttons to navigate to the Wireless tab then to move through the submenu items.

Send Mode: select Instant, then specify the number of photos to send each day. Enter 0 if you want all photos sent.

Send Via: select GoWireless Auto, Lite or GoWireless Prem. GoWireless Auto is the easiest way to send pictures. It uses the GoWireless Server to deliver emails directly to your configured recipients. This option is considered "zero configuration" and is the easiest and simplest option to use. When GoWireless Lite is selected, the Email Server information will need to be set up (The Email Account and Password are the same as the one you used to check your email, it has nothing to do with the AT&T account you just set up). Click HERE to learn how to setup Email Server. GoWireless Prem is an optional and paid service. It will enable the web portal (www.spartancamera.com) and mobile app (Android and iOS) Click HERE to learn more about GoWireless.

Email: enter destination email address(es).

Image From: enter the name for your camera that will appear in the From field on the picture email.

Encrypt Picture: choose to have the images encrypted or not.

Diagnostic: diagnostic and data reboot.

Realtime: turn the camera realtime control on or off. We recommend you turn this off for the longer battery life. GoWireless Prem offers alternative way to control the camera without sacrificing the battery life. 

Press OK to save your changes.

Press Menu to return to the main menu.

Set the other parameters (Camera, Trigger, System). For more information how to set the other parameters, please click HERE.

Once you have set all the parameters, press Menu to return to the Preview screen.

To test that the camera is taking and sending pictures properly, in Preview mode, press OK to take a picture then OK again to send it. 

After setting up and testing the camera, position it on the target area and turn it on by sliding the power switch to ON. Please remember to switch from SETUP to ON after the camera logs into the network. The camera will take pictures or videos as programmed. The height you mount your camera depends on what your targets are, but 3-4 feet off the ground is generally best for wildlife. The Video will not be transmitted wirelessly.

The green light on the front of the camera should flash for a few seconds to give you time to move out of the area. If it continues to flash for more than a few seconds, you have left the camera in SETUP mode rather than turning it ON.

Important: When you are ready to retrieve the SD card or change the settings, turn the camera off first by pushing the power switch to the OFF position. (Even in the OFF mode, the camera still consumes a small amount of battery power. You should remove the batteries if the camera is not in use for an extended time. This will also prevent the battery leak which is not covered by warranty.)