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Knowledge Base

How to update the SR1 series firmware?

The firmware will come in either zipped or unzipped from us. If it's zipped, you will need to unzip the file until you see a file named FWS100.bin.

Before you do the update, it's recommended to write down the firmware version on the camera before the update process. It can be found in the camera menu in SETUP mode: System > Information;

Please copy the file FWS100.bin to your SD card root directory, which means FWS100.bin should be in the SD card drive's top directory (e.g. E:\FWS100.bin);

Put the SD card into the camera;

Press and Hold the Playback button;

Turn the camera to SETUP;

The camera will giver a 1s beep, release the Playback button;

Your camera will be updated after it boots up.

Please check the current firmware version and make sure it's been updated;

After update, please make sure you delete the FWS100.bin from your SD card, you can do this simply by formatting the SD card. (Or the camera will keep updating every time you turn the camera to SETUP.)