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Knowledge Base

How to Setup and configure the GoWireless Mobile App

Step 1

On your mobile device visit the appropriate App Store and search for "gowireless".

Step 2

Several Apps will show in this search and you may need to click the (show more) button but make sure to choose the GoWireless app with a go logo.


Step 3

Follow the on screen standard instructions for downloading, installing and giving the app permissions.

Step 4

Launch the GoWireless Mobile App. The following Quick Tip appears. Read and tap Close.


Step 5

From the Menu tap Authentication. This is where you will add and remove cameras and autheniticate with the GoWireless Server by supplying the Access Codes for each camera or account.


Step 6

Read the Quick Tip and tap Close. You will need to Sign in to your GoWireless Account on the web portal and choose My Cameras | Mobile Access


Step 7

On the Mobile Access portal page, input for yourself an Admin Access Code and make note of the Account ID.


Step 8

Input into the Camera Authentication mobile screen, the Account ID and the Access Code. Then touch Add.

If you have input the data correctly the camera should authenticate and be available for control and photo notifications/downloads.



If you have more than one camera, you can assign the same access code for Admin or Guest

This means that in the mobile app, once you input the Account ID and Access Code, all cameras that apply will authenticate and become available in the application.