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  • VH400HD used in the research of the impacts of predators on prey populations


    I am a wildlife ecologist and much of my research deals with understanding predator impacts on prey behavior. For several years I have used trail cameras to provide data for evaluating these impacts. Although other cameras have provided useful images, the features of the HCO VH400 have greatly improved the quality of data I am able to collect. For my applications, battery life is excellent and the ability to adjust flash intensity makes it possible for me to detect small mammals within our foraging patches. In the past, inability to adjust flash intensity often made identification impossible. I have been well pleased with these cameras and with service and support of HCO.

    Mike Conner, PhD, Wildlife Ecologist

    (Dr. Conner’s interests include predator ecology, the impacts of predators on prey populations, and the role of habitat and habitat management on predation processes. Dr. Conner’s outreach activities extend from his research interests and include seminars, workshops, and short courses on managing predation and the predation process.)

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