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Ptel cellular option for wireless cameras


Ptel Mobile is a brand of PlatinumTel Communications, LLC. PlatinumTel has operated as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) (service restricted to T-Mobile's network.) since 2001 and has built a loyal customer following in the nationwide pay-as-you-go industry. As an innovator and pioneer in prepaid wireless since 2001, PlatinumTel has successfully expanded and grown into a thriving nationwide prepaid wireless provider.. You may be able to check the coverage in your area from here: https://www.ptel.com/coverage. You may choose the $25.00/month text message plan (https://www.ptel.com/plans/ul#ul). Or the Paygo plan (https://www.ptel.com/plans/ul#paygo). Please make sure you choose SIM card type: PTel Combi Card (2FF/3FF).