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Customer testimonials

  • VH400HD used in the research of the impacts of predators on prey populations


    I am a wildlife ecologist and much of my research deals with understanding predator impacts on prey behavior. For several years I have used trail cameras to provide data for evaluating these impacts. Although other cameras have provided useful images, the features of the HCO VH400 have greatly improved the quality of data I am able to collect. For my applications, battery life is excellent and the ability to adjust flash intensity makes it possible for me to detect small mammals within our foraging patches. In the past, inability to adjust flash intensity often made identification impossible. I have been well pleased with these cameras and with service and support of HCO.

    Mike Conner, PhD, Wildlife Ecologist

    (Dr. Conner’s interests include predator ecology, the impacts of predators on prey populations, and the role of habitat and habitat management on predation processes. Dr. Conner’s outreach activities extend from his research interests and include seminars, workshops, and short courses on managing predation and the predation process.)

  • FL land owner uses wireless camera to keep the property free of trespassers



    What sold us on HCO Outdoors Digital Cameras was the fact of how easy they are to use and the pictures are exceptional. Our main focus on buying the cameras was for their surveillance capabilities. We have a private 350 acre limestone quarry that in its day had 20 trucks on the property at any given time. The neighbors knew the property was well watched so trespassing was never an issue. The quarry is now sitting idle and the trucks are merely the past. What hasn’t changed is the abundance of fish and wildlife. Though heavily posted, trespassing was at its all-time high. By fabricating our own 16’ posts to mount the cameras and the solar panels to power them, we can be on the property at a moment’s notice. Though we cannot be everywhere, the cameras have our back and notify us immediately if unwanted intruders make their way into the property. We see, we dispatch, we notify authorities and have them removed. All of this happens at a fraction of the cost of live surveillance.

    David at GTO (CORE® Rifle Systems) in Ocala, FL

    * The camera used in this application is Uway MB500 GSM Wireless Cameras

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  • SG565FV is used in Wild Cats of Tamaulipas Binational Conservation Project


    After trying several brands and models of camera traps to monitor wildlife, we concluded that the HCO cameras are the best tool available for the job, particularly when it comes to the monitoring of wild cats (jaguars, pumas, ocelots, jaguarundis and bobcats). Because of the high quality of the captured images of these crepuscular and nocturnal species, we are able to better identify each specimen. Not only are the HCO cameras a high quality piece of media equipment, they have also proven to be very tough, durable, and reliable, even under the harshest of field conditions.

    We highly recommend HCO for wildlife monitoring.

    Biologist Francisco Illescas Martinez
    Field Operations Director
    Wild Cats of Tamaulipas Binational Conservation Project

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