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  • SR1-WCDi and SR1-WCDb are supporting GoWireless web portal and mobile app now!


    Both SR1-WCDi and SR1-WCDb are supporting GoWireless web portal and mobile app now!

    If you already have SR1-WCDi or SR1-WCDb, please contact HCO to find out how to update your cameras' firmware to support GoWireless web portal and mobile app. After update, the cameras will still support MMS if this is your prefered delivery method. The cameras will also support GoWireless Lite (use your own email server) and GoWireless Prem (web portal and mobile app).

    For more information about GoWireless web portal and mobile app, please click HERE for more details. We can offer you one-on-one training for our GoWireless web portal and mobile app. The training session is about 15 minutes. We will show you how to setup your camera, how to add the camera to the GoWireless web portal, how to use the web portal and mobile app, and a lot more. You can request a session by emailing us at helpdesk@hcooutdoors.com with your desired time and phone number, and we will call you for the training.


  • HCO is proud to introduce the GoWireless Mobile Application

    gowireless mobile app gowireless mobile app

    HCO release the GoWireless mobile app for Android device.

    With the GoWireless Mobile app you can view photos taken by your Spartan GoCam just seconds after the photo was taken. Request and download unlimited HD photos, play a slide show, view a status report, view and update the settings for your camera right from your mobile device.The GoWireless application replaces email as a delivery option yet puts you in control of your camera with options like:

    -Real Time Control
    -Request Status
    -Synchronize Settings
    -Request High Res Images
    -Multi-Camera Support

    Share your photos with your friends by granting them a "guest" access code for your cameras or if you have a hunting club all the members can use this app to view photos from multiple cameras at once.

    This app is a great addition for security and surveillance use. Your Spartan GoCam will capture images of thieves and intruders, and deliver them to your mobile device seconds later!

    A camera using the GoWireless Premium service is required to receive photos, status reports and interact with camera settings from your mobile device.

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